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It's Been Awhile...
Do You Know What Shape Your Videotapes Are In?

VHS is the videotape most people are familiar with. You may have VHS, BETA, 8mm, Mini DV or even some other obscure videotape format. If you're like most people, these tapes are near and dear to you. They hold precious memories of you and your family. What has brought you to Whatever it is we understand and we're here to help

The fact is your tapes are old. They're wasting away. They've been sitting in a drawer or resting on a shelf for years while you went on about your life. Now is the time to rescue them and transfer their precious images to an archival format. Don't wait until it's too late. Here's our process and what we can do to help.

First, we have been in this business for a long, long time. We understand tape and tape transfer technology. Our founder, Robert Hanley actually started out shooting and editing both film and tape in the 1970's and 1980's. You might say it's in our blood. We know what to do but more than that we have a passion for preserving your memories. It's not just our job, it's our life.

Home Video Studio has always been committed to keeping ahead of the curve in video technology. In the late 1990's we led the way in the transfer of VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Mini-DV tapes to DVD. We pioneered the development of HVS DVD Deluxe transfer technology and years later we're still leading the way by providing the exclusive cloud-based Digital Video Archive (DVA).

But it's not just the technology - it's our people. You don't stay in the business this long without tremendous dedication and a great service staff. Once your videotapes arrive at our transfer center in Indianapolis, you can rest assured we will handle them with tender loving care every step of the way – just like they were our very own.

Once Captured & Transferred We'll Transfer to DVA or DVD!

We provide two options for viewing, sharing and archival preservation once your tapes are captured. You can choose DVA or DVD or both!

You'll be able to pop your new DVDs into a DVD player, as well as accessing a DVA (Digital Video Archive) the newest, cloud-based way to watch, edit, share, and preserve your memories

Platinum "45" Archival DVDs: Our exclusive Platinum Archival DVDs ensure a perfect playback experience complete with "smart" chapter markers and archival peace of mind. These Platinum "45" Archival DVDs are built to last. There is no better DVD technology. Each DVD you receive will include:

Watch on your Computer, Smartphone, Tablet & Smart TV!

DVA - Digital Video Archive: While your DVD will last for twenty-five years your DVD player will not. Plus, you may already own devices that will not play a DVD (like your brand new Apple computer), your IPad, IPhone, Android tablet, smartphone, etc. Many of our customers are selecting the DVA (Digital Video Archive) option instead of the traditional DVD. Plus you won't need any copies and you won't ever have to worry about the safety and security of your videos and memories! The DVA is rapidly replacing the DVD as the media of choice.

What is a DVA?

A DVA (Digital Video Archive) is a specially designed and engineered MP4 file format containing unique customizable metadata - title information, chapter markers, thumbnail images and more which enables playback on a DVA player (computer, smartphone, tablet and smart TV- with internet access). DVAs are easily viewed, modified, edited, shared and archivally stored in the cloud at A DVA can be shared with one person, several family members or your entire circle of friends and family. Here's more information about this new and exciting product and service.

Become a DVA "Archiver" and invite your friends to be Viewers...

It's fun and easy! Once we have transferred your content to your new DVAs, you'll receive access to your new Digital Video Archive account.* With your new DVA account, you can view, edit, share and modify your movies and videos. You'll want to invite your friends and family as Viewers so you can share your video with them. This will give them access to the DVAs you would like for them to see and enjoy. You can also grant ("gift")DVAs to them. Every DVA has smart chapter markers with thumbnail images, just like the old DVDs, so you and your viewers will be able to fully experience each DVA.

Here's a great bonus! With your new Digital Video Archive account you can immediately begin uploading your own personal videos from your smartphone or computer. You'll be able share these videos with your friends and family as well. Plus, your friends and family will receive free DVA accounts and can begin uploading their videos too. Soon you'll have new DVAs from them to watch as well!

Ready to get started? Click on the next button to begin your order. Remember, you can order DVDs, DVAs or both.

You can also check out for more information on DVA.

*May require a monthly subscription fee to Digital Video Archive.

*Requires a monthly or yearly subscription to Digital Video Archive.
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